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Football and fairies. Pretty much sums it up. 

1. Last Friday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day around here. I was melting down amidst room time and homeschool morning and everything in between. As we all (finally) got seated around the kitchen island to do a review game for our memory work, Tessa leaned over and tipped my coffee. (Two important details: it was a sleepless night and this was the LAST of the coffee in the house). In true gentle-and-patient spirit form, I overreacted. 

Me: No, Tess! You may not touch my coffee. This coffee is the only thing in the house that is ALL mine. 
Isaac: (smiling, looking at the dishes piled behind me in the sink) But mom, all those dishes are yours! 

2. I discovered a new blog called Modern Mrs. Darcy (I know, a bit presumptuous in the name but we'll give her that). It's kind of eclectic, writing on books and homeschooling and fashion and such. But my favorite posts are a monthly series called Twitterature where she reviews books in small, tweet-length pieces. It's pretty insightful and I am surprised how much I can learn about a book in such a short blurb. 

3.  My kids are early risers. Why I married a night owl and gave birth to four early birds is beyond me, but that's how it happened. I am aspiring to keep my kids (mainly the girls at this point) in their beds until 6:30 in the morning. So we got this little clock that will glow green when it is OK for them to get out of bed. Tonight is Night #1 of the experiment and the clock is set to glow at 6:15 (they recommend starting early and then moving them later). So I'll give you a report on  how that goes. 

Tessa was very enthusiastic about the plan but less so when she realized that the clock was not sleeping in her bed.

4.  The honeymoon is over for our homeschool year, that's for sure. No  matter skipping to the table and "Yes!" when I declare that school is in session. Oh, no. They're hiding out and dragging their feet and we all work to the frequent wailing of someone declaring the injustice of it all. But still we plod. And I tell them, "Part of being big is doing things you don't want to do" and I tell myself, "This too shall pass." And we still plod. Tessa has written on everything with markers and Ella writes a book every day (she calls us the "book twins") and Drew believes that writing is basically a death sentence. Isaac cheers us with his happy spirit and distracts us with his dramatic protestations that he IS NOT going to homeschool another day, sometimes all within the same morning. And somehow they are always starving though we just ate breakfast and thirsty though we just had drinks and fairly certain that this whole being forced to do school is proof that I don't love them. And still we plod. When it's all too much, I remember that Isaac will be reading soon and Drew is slow to come because he is buried in A Series of Unfortunate Events (book 7 now) and Ella and Tessa are somewhere in the house, singing away at the "Timewine" song. So we're getting there, but it's a slow go and, most days, it ain't pretty. 

5. This short video on creativity and writing and work has been an encouragement to me. In my attempts at novel  writing, I am right there, drowning in that gap between what I want to create and what I'm capable of creating, so I get it. And the solution? Write a lot. 

Well, that's all for now. May your weekend end be the end of something and the beginning of something better. 

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