saturday night nothings

Hello, internet. And internet friends. It's Saturday night around here. The house is quiet and the husband is out for a bit. And I'm going to clean. Soon. Right after I finish this very important post about absolutely nothing. 

Nothing #1- The mystery of pinterest. 

OK, people. I'm on pinterest now and I don't get it. I mean, I get how it works. I get the nuts and bolts behind it. But I was on it for twenty minutes and pinned one thing. It's like looking at a bunch of magazines where I constantly think, "No one looks like this in real life. No one does that in real life. I'm bored. This is irrelevant." Maybe I'm not on the right track as far as what I'm searching? Or maybe the key is to follow people and not actually use the search mechanism? Once again, someone will need to explain all of this to me. 

Nothing #2- The new B Sizzle Novel. 

We started reading Steelheart, the latest release from Brandon Sanderson. It's good. Really good. We ended up buying the Kindle version, so if you want to read it and you have a Kindle, I could loan it to you. Doesn't that blow your mind a little? Give us a week to finish it and then we'll pass it along. To you. At your house on your Kindle. (How does the invention of pinterest even compare to the invention of the Kindle. I mean, really? Really? Why is everyone on facebook not like, "OMG! I am so addicted to my Kindle!!!!" I could relate to that.)

Nothing #3- 31 Days topics that didn't make it

On October 1st, people all over the blogosphere will start their 31 days of _____ blogging, where people post about a topic every day for the entire month. I am intrigued by the idea but way too scatterbrained to pull that off. But I did start thinking about how funny it would be to write some sort of satirical 31 days. So far my ideas are 31 Days of Apathy, 31 Days of More Whiny Kids, 31 Days of Terrible Parenting, 31 Days of Guilt, 31 Days to More TV in your house, 31 Days of Gaining Weight, 31 Days for Pinterest Addicts, 31 Days of Life with a Kindle...the list goes on and on. 

Nothing #4- I think that's all.

It might be time to clean now since I don't have anything else to say at the moment. Saturday nights are good times to clear the air, bring up all these important things, and dig out the dining room from our week. So I'm off the conquer my house, and maybe some laundry folding, and hopefully a snack.

Good night, folks. Hope your weekend is all you hoped it would me and more. 


Tori said...

On Pinterest...don't use the search unless you are ACTUALLY searching for something specific, like "parmesan red potatoes" or "natural sore throat remedy." You should follow me. I am a responsible Pinner. I follow the links to make sure they work, I read the recipes to make sure they are realistic, and I don't pin things that a normal person couldn't do. Also, if you follow a person, you don't have to follow ALL their boards. If they have a board about something you don't care about (like crocheting or soap making) you can unfollow those specific boards. Pinterest should be your friend and ally. :)

Becky said...

Thanks for the 411 on pinterest, Tori. I will take it as my personal pinterest creed to only follow responsible pinners and see how that goes. Looking forward to your 31 days!