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Farmhouse Cafe cinnamon roll. Ridiculous. 

Hey, folks. It's been awhile. I missed last week. I'm sorry if you were here and I didn't show. I have no good excuses, no great reason except for life. Life here. Life coming at me. 

Let's move on, shall we?


A few weeks back I told you how I bought this alarm clock for the girls.  I was hoping to move past the 5:45 wake ups and move more towards a gentle 6:30. I followed the directions to start it close to their current wake time and keep pushing it later. The alarm clock currently lights up at 6:20. The girls are still waking by 6:05, but I just shoo them back in their room and say to come back when their alarm goes off. At first, the tricky part was getting them not to turn the "night light" on, then they would come out and say, "It's lit up!" We had to work on waiting until it lights up green- green for go! So I think it was worth it, and I think as Tess gets older it will work better. I am glad they are semi-trained on it before daylight savings hits in a few weeks. Oy. 

2. Lessons Learned During Handwriting Class:
For the 4 year-old: maybe the whole Disney Princess thing has gone too far

For the 8-year old: it can't always be the girls' fault. Really. 

For the mom: You're never too old to learn something from a copywork book. 
(Seriously, this quote kind of rocked my world.)

3. Sometimes it's nice to look back through the pictures on my phone and be reminded of what we've actually done in the last few weeks. Do you ever do that, find yourself scrolling through going, "Oh...yeah! Oh...right. Oh...I almost forgot about that." These things happened weeks ago. Should they really be leaving my memory so soon? Here's a few photos of the last few weeks that brought back some good (recent) memories.

Last week of football
Tessa's fall fashion: These boots are made for walking

Farmer's market flowers- $8 well spent

4. We've hit a slump in the homeschool year, I'm not gonna lie. Today I did the unthinkable: turned on PBS for the girls so the boys and I could just. get. something. done. It's part cabin fever (we did the one car thing this week and, my word, I get stir crazy) and it's part the-honeymoon-is-over and it's part reality. Well, it's all reality, I guess. It got me to thinking that sometimes when something isn't working, it's hard for me to tell if I'm not actually working hard enough at it or if it is actually a bad plan. In this case, I think I need to reign us all back in, be more proactive with...everybody, and keep the standard high as far as what we get to each day. But if I give that two more weeks and we're still here at the PBS-needing Thursdays, then it's back to the drawing board.

5. Here's a few good reads as of late...
In other news, I tried my first Pumpkin Spice Latte this week. It was gross. I felt as though Facebook and The Whole World In General had led me astray. But there you have it. 

Well, that's a bit of what's happening in our neck of the woods. The cooler weather has us cheerful and chilly and embracing this fall season. Pumpkin muffins are making frequent appearances (and faster disappearances) around here- but tis the season, right?

Hope your weekend has a nice mix of richness and lazy nothingness. Thanks for stopping by. 

See ya next Friday. 

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