quick 5

I heard rumor that November is coming next week. But you can't believe everything you hear, so I'm holding to my mindset that it is still early fall.  

Woah boy.

1. Last week I saw this map of the U.S. that highlights the most popular book that is set in each state. I'm proud to say that the book from Nebraska is one of my personal favorites! What's the book set in your state? Are you proud of your #1 read???

2. My kids have discovered Charlie Brown, and he is cracking them up. Now they are walking around the house reciting witty one-liners ("Aren't you too old for me?"), calling each other "My Sweet Baboo", and making a "wah wah" sound when they imitate something an adult said. It's very funny. 

3. It's Walnut Season at our house, folks. Yep, that means that the black walnut tree in the backyard is raining walnuts. The kids have already filled their plastic swimming pool and the tree is still full of husks yet to fall. It's nuts, folks. NUTS!

4. Last week we got a bid because the City kindly recommended that we trim a tree (as in "please get this trimmed or we will do it and charge you money". This bid solidified several ideas in my mind. 1) Home ownership is expensive. 2) Who would have thought you could charge that much to trim a tree??? A tree??? 3) We are in the wrong business. There's money to be made in tree trimming, people!

5. Yet another week passes and the only post on this little blog is the quick 5. That is disappointing to me. I swear that I write five posts in my head every week, I just don't seem to make it to the computer to get them recorded. I have a growing post about homeschool things, how we're doing geography and a visual OT review and how I think I finally understand why so many homeschool moms I've met or read send their preschoolers to preschool. If the money was there, the two year old would be there. I'm also reading two great books, one OK book, and just came off a very entertaining Brandon Sanderson read. (It was epic- you have to read it to get that joke. I would loan it to you except that the whole e-book, kindle world is wrong. Wrong, I tell you.) 

And Ender's Game is coming out. Have you read it? Will you see it? (For me- yes and yes.)

And the next Hunger Games is coming out. Have you read it? Will you see it? (Yes and... eventually.)

Also, the last book of the Divergent Trilogy released this week. Have you followed that series? (Kinda. Read book 1. Stalled out on book 2. But I want to finish it out.)

And other links...

Great post by Caroline Starr Rose that breaks down the details behind the process of writing her latest book. 

Today I started watching Emma Approved, a youtube adaptation of Austen's Emma (I don't really watch it so much as listen to it. I mean, she's just sitting there talking so you can do dishes or sweep the kitchen and not miss much). Only four episodes in (each of which is 4 minutes) and I don't find Emma very endearing. But come to think of it, I'm not sure I found her extremely endearing in the book. 

A timely reminder about the homeschool life, about the best part of it: we get to do it together (from Jamie Martin at Simple Homeschool.) 

Well, that's all folks! Have a great weekend!

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