Hey there, folks. Here's a whole lot of Friday nothing for your general perusal. 

1. This year my husband (and friends and co-workers) are participating in No Shave November. Yes, apparently this is a thing. In fact, when I was at the library yesterday, I saw a book display with this label. For real. 

I wish I had taken a picture of the books that were on it. It was basically a lot of books with men and beards on the cover. I don't mind No Shave November so much. It's worlds better than Mustache March. (Yes, that is a thing, too. Sheesh.)

2. Fashion advice from Ella: "When you wear your favorite shirt with your favorite pants, it always matches because they are both your favorite." 

"I'm fixing my hair. Please wait outside."
Sure thing, four year-old. 


I love this shot of my boys reading together. We are still working on our reading challenge, hitting book 100 today. The spontaneous idea I had to read 500 books seemed genius at first- except that to actually get 500 different books means we go to the library. A lot. Like every other day. We try to go to different libraries so that no one location has to endure an almost-daily-dose of us at the library. It seems like the right thing to do. 

4. We watched the Disney version of "Robin Hood" this week and now everyone is walking around the house humming "The Phony King of England." The kids were excited about this movie for several reasons:

  • our cat is named after Friar Tuck (not the Disney Tuck but Lawhead's Tuck, but either way...)
  • the intro talked about Richard the Lion-Hearted, who is in one of our history sentences this semester. (Cue four year old asking, "Do you think we'll see Eleanor of Aquitane????")
  • Little John's voice is the same actor who does Baloo in Disney's Jungle Book, another of our favorites. 
  • Bows and arrows, rhinos with axes, a ridiculous villain, a chivalrous hero- what's not to love about this movie? It might be my all-time favorite Disney film. It just might. 
5. I'm kind of in a reading slump when it comes to fiction. I am in the middle of three non-fictions, and that is just wearing me out. The thing about non-fiction is that I feel like I have to deal with ideas and feelings as I go; I don't move through the book until that latest chapter feels dealt with. But now that I write that, I don't think that's a great plan. So maybe I should plow through these and let the ideas do what they will. Still, any good fiction suggestions???

Well, I hope you and yours are recovering from daylight savings. I'm hoping that particular recovery is somewhere in our near future. Have a great weekend- 


Uncle J said...

I have a lot of Grisham if interested.....

Teresa said...

I wonder if Eleanor of Aquitane wore her favorite shirt and favorite pants together?

rachel said...

we loved disney's robin hood!! (disney also has a people version of robin hood - still from the 50's - that DOES have ol' eleanor in there!) have you guys watched disney's the sword and the stone? That one was really fun and middle-ages-ey too!