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Friday again. Finally. Thankfully. 

1. Garrett took the kids out last night and they came home with a snapshot of them visiting Santa. It's a little bit harder to pretend Christmas isn't right around the corner now that there is actually a picture of the kids with Santa. On the fridge. Guess I should put more energy into preparation and less energy into denial. 

2. We're still chasing our goal of reading 500 Books in 50 Days. As of yesterday (day 18) we've read 170 books. It's been good to keep reading at the front of our minds, but it's also a bit like "When is this done already?" Seems like no matter how good something is, it can feel like just another thing. But we're plugging away. 

Ella Renee


Going fishing

Early morning Kindle Fire time

4. On Wednesday night at dinner, Isaac (6) declared, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a barbarian." This was news to me. Upon further questioning, he admitted that the appeal of being a barbarian is that they "don't have to wear so much clothes."

Also, an Isaac-ism of the week- when someone asked his favorite part of homeschooling, he replied stoically, "The Reign of Terror."

5. There's something about this time of year that makes me think on the kindness of God. The timing of Christ, the generosity of that gift, the patience He has with us as we attempt to follow Him and remember Advent and stumble through both, His kindness is overwhelming in light of all those things. 

I feel thankful moving into this Thanksgiving season. It was a hard year for us, still is in some ways. But there is a goodness in the hard, or maybe a goodness because of the hard, that has come from pushing through and seeking to love each other in the midst of it. So as we move into the holidays, I'm ready to huddle in against the cold and gather my people close and tell the "Old, Old Story of Jesus and His love."

Here's to November, half way through.

Here's to a Christmas that is a celebration of God's kindness and generosity. 

Here's to following Jesus today, wherever you are, whatever that looks like. I hope the kindness of God will warm you and fill you with kindness toward others. 

Have a great weekend- 

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