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We were greeted by snow this morning and the kids were in it before 8:00. I wish this had some reason to do with why the quick 5 is late, but it really doesn't. So on to the 5....

1. I wanted to get some final shots of the kids outside before winter weather set in. So I joined them on the trampoline one day, determined to to get a good shot of the four. Unfortunately (for me- not them), they were feeling infinitely more determined to have a good time. So it turned out mostly like this.

Ok. Nevermind.

2. There are many side effects of our "500 Books in 50 days" venture. (We are on day 28, at 262 books, if you must know.) For some reason, all this reading has made Drew feel like he needs to drink tea. I think it started that after breakfast one morning, the kids drank tea while I read to them. But now, they just want tea. Yesterday morning, Drew (8) commented, "I really like drinking tea in the morning. I may just start reading the newspaper, too."  How domestic. Perhaps I should get him a World Herald subscription for Christmas. 

3. Another side effect of the 500 days is that I am picking up books at the library- for me! While our library trips are way up (we've been seven times since we started the challenge, so almost twice a week), I'm trying to be purposeful about finding some books I'd like to read. Last night I started A Long Way From Chicago, the prequel to A Year Down Yonder, which I so much enjoyed (both by Richard Peck.) It's a pair of books written for late elementary readers, an age I sincerely enjoy because the stories can be fantastical and the language a bit more developed. I was laughing aloud at this quote last night,

"Was that Effie again? Never trust an ugly woman. She's got a grudge against the world," said Grandma, who was no oil painting herself. 

4.  Here's some interesting links around the web...

  • Why do we really dread the drop-in? This post is about drop-in visitors, and why there is such a range of reactions to that whole idea. I thought her points were really good- be willing, be honest, be gracious. That's how I'd sum it up.
  • Ethical Shopping Guide-  this list is a guide of brands that you can buy from with confidence, not wondering if the production is exploitive. I admit it's hard for me to know how to think about all this and where to make adjustments. The idea that I might be buying products that are produced using child labor, unsafe conditions, or companies that do not offer a living wage is disturbing. But the reality of changing all my shopping habits would be expensive. Still, doing something would be better than nothing, no?
  • Speaking of shopping habits to change...Walmart Holding Food Drive for its Own Underpaid Employees. Ugh. This topic has been all over the internet this week.  I feel like I'm in a relationship with someone who is great to me but treats a gazillion other people like crap. Should I be OK with that?
  • Writing and the Art of Being Together.  Enjoyed this so much. 
  • Welcome to Dinovember- Thoughts on Creativity. And if you haven't read this- you should. 
5. It's suddenly late November. We are half way through our homeschool community for the year, almost to Thanksgiving, snow coming in, leaves gone, and the squirrels are frantically harvesting the walnuts that are left on the ground. Is it just me or did November not exist this year? I feel like even the squirrels are feeling the crunch, feel winter barging in early. But I know that the days don't lie, they all came at the right time and in the right order. Still, it feels like it sneaks up on me somehow. 

I hope you'll have a great weekend. It's the premier weekend for Catching Fire, though I don't think we'll make it on opening weekend. 

Disney's new movie, Frozen, will be out November 27. They managed to market that one well because my kids are looking forward to it. 

Have a lovely pre-Thanksgiving weekend!

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