a weekend wrap up: four somethings

I feel like I'm pulling myself across the finish line this week. Made it. Barely. But here's a few somethings for your Friday...

something old
Sadly, we had a crazy windstorm this week that blew the trampoline around the yard, tearing it into pieces. The end result was a half assembled trampoline, and so now the final result is a pile of pieces. The kids are mourning this reality, as you can imagine. And word on the street is that it may not get put back together at all. 

Tessa's reaction to the news:

something new
Somewhere along the way I discovered Donut Muffins. What's not to love about that? It's like two of my favorite things got married. They're pretty easy to make and they taste like a cake donut, and a pretty good one at that. (That is unless your two year old empties the nutmeg into the batter, then they taste like bad cake donuts. Just fyi...)

something so close to being finished I can almost taste it

I'm close on my book, people. Close. And stuck. I've been trying to fix page 313 for two weeks. I'd just toss the whole scene but it's basically the climax, so it feels a little essential to the story. Sheesh. 

something true

I'm tired. That feels like the truest thing I can say. But I know that there is other truth that will speak to me in that, truth like "In Him was life" and "this too shall pass" and "we are pressed but not crushed" and "in hard work, sleepless nights, and hunger" that Paul pushed through. But my soul feels fatigued, and I'm not exactly sure why or what to do about that. Yet again, "we do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you." Still clinging to that verse. 

And here's a few kid quotes to round out the week...

Me: Who can name the continents?
Ella (4): Oooh! Me! I'll name them! (turns to the map, thinking, and then begins to point) Kate, Tinkerbell, Elsa...

Two-year old terror
(after finding Tessa in the midst of a shower of flour that she rained on the kitchen)
Me: Tessa! You are such a rascal!
Tessa: I not a wascal! I Tessa Jo!

Drew on Pinterest
(yes- he is on pinterest now. There goes my his free time.)
"This is such a good idea!!!!" and "Can I get a sewing machine for my birthday?"

That's a wrap. We have a Hobbit birthday party in the works, so that will be the big task of next week. Pics to come. 

Have a good weekend, friends. 

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