in the every day

A perfect shot of a real school day. This is completely us. 
It's been a usual week around here. Not dull or quiet or particularly clean. Not glamorous or thrilling or wildly productive. Just usual. 

Wash, rinse, dry, repeat.

Laundry, always laundry. 

School days that don't usually accomplish as much as I'd like.

Squabbling, tears, pettiness, whining, cries of outrage. And the kids have been a handful, too. 

 This week has been a good reminder to me that my kids' lives are not a product of a Big Trip or a Grand event or a Magic Moment. They are the sum of their days. And because of that, each uneventful day is an important piece. It moves us forward, shapes us more, keeps the fires going. 

Acid/base testing- Drew's "mad scientist" afternoon
Sometimes it's hard to find a balance between "carpe diem!" (which can create a lot of pressure to make every day amazing) and "it's only one day" (which can release the tension but also justify the mediocrity.)

 I want to treasure today, see it as a gift and an opportunity, but not idolize it. Not create more pressure. Not overwhelm myself with expectation on what it needs to be.

I want to be present but not always lost in the moment. I want to live with purpose, and purpose often comes when we see the moment in the landscape of the big picture. 

I can sense that I'm right in the middle of 'the good ol days'. My kids are so full of life and brimming with energy, yet they are still content to be here. I'm trying to be here, too. To listen and answer and laugh and applaud and wipe tears and blow noses like a mom who knows that this will not last forever. 

The every day is the stuff of our life. It's the filler, the majority, the main dish. It may not have the flashiest memories, but I do think that the every day will set the tone of their childhood, like a soundtrack playing in between the big events. 

And though the routines of it all seem forgettable, these lives are being shaped (mine included) in the steady forge of the every day

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