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Today we finished up our first week back to homeschooling. I can say that, in the words of Dickens, "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." Oh, homeschooling...

Hope your Friday is off to a fine start. Here's a few links that may interest you.

The Ultimate Showdown: Books vs. Film
Those famous four words: "The book is better." But according to this infographic, there are stories that people have preferred in film over print. Agree with any? Check it out. (And speaking of books and movies, Here's 16 Books to read before they hit theaters this year. I've read # 6, 7, and 9. And can I just say that in the cast list for The Giver- Taylor Swift is listed. What is going on here?)

Online Debate regarding Christian Rap Music
Garrett and I have following this series of posts written in a Q and A format between Scott Aniol, a conservative professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Shai Linne, a successful and articulate Christian hip hop artist. We've been impressed by how civil they are, though they disagree at every turn. We've been amused by the comments. More than anything, it's been fascinating for me to read Scott's view of music, all music but particularly rap, and how he makes no attempt to view anything through a cultural lens. It's a good read for anyone who enjoys Christian rap, theological debates, or thinking through the moral nature of music. 

10 Things I'd Change if I could Have a Homeschool Do-over. Enough said. 

My husband (and my dad and my brother...it's a long story) works for Release Ministries, a non-profit here in Omaha that helps at-risk teens. If you're interested in a glimpse of the ministry, check out this video. It's worth the ten minutes. Promise. 

In the music department, we're all singing along to this song in the car.

And we're obsessed with all things Frozen.

And if you are a Jane Austen fan, have you watched through Emma Approved??? Here's the latest episode with the Elton proposal. Nice done, folks. Nicely done. (Or you can start with episode 1 here). 

And... I randomly watched the Christmas episode of The Mindy Project. Please. Someone out there. Tell me you watched this and almost fainted at the dance sequence. What??? 

Moving on. 

Here's some books I'm working my way through...

Progress: Just started.
Opinion: Solid opening chapter. 

Oh, the irony.
Progress: Two chapters in.
Opinion: Simple but clarifying.
Reading this for Bible study.
Progress: 2/3 through.
Opinion: OK. Some good moments, but redundant. 
Progress: Not started
Opinion: It should be good. I mean, "Prose" is her last name.
And over the break, when I should have been doing some homeschool prep for this quarter, I got sucked into books. I read...

Sweeping. Epic. Heartbreaking.

Not bad. But I am so over Amish Christian fiction. Seriously. Why do I keep doing this?
A collection of short stories. Raw but engaging. Highly recommend. 

It was almost like the author wrote the summary before writing the book. Kind of misleading (though free on Amazon prime).

Well, there you have it. That's what I've been up to as of late. Winter is for reading, I do believe (as are spring and summer and fall...but let's get through the winter!)

Have a great weekend, folks. 


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