The days are warming, miraculously it seems, and it's amazing how fast I forgive winter once it is almost gone. 

On Sunday afternoon, I worked in a quiet kitchen while Garrett read on the couch. At some point I walked into the living room and said, "Do you hear that?"

He looked up, listening to the nothing, and replied, "Amazing."

The sound of stillness. The sound of little people happily playing outside. I don't know why I forgot that they do that, why the winter months seemed extra long and like we might never, ever do anything but all teem in the living room, pulling out toys, poking each other, and running up and down the stairs. But there is something else, and that something else is so good.

I've been thinking lately about the goodness of God. Just that phrase seems like an understatement, as if a friend who split their veins and sacrificed their life for yours would be called "good". But more than the sacrifice of Christ, or rather in addition to it, there is the posture of God's heart to me, the sense that in all His dealings with me- from childhood to childbirth to child wrangling- He has always been unfailingly good to me, in the midst of each one. 

He is not "good". He is goodness.

Maybe it is easier to believe He is good now that the sun is shining, now that the kids are playing outside and the wind is biting less. There is something about changing seasons that exhales it all. 

Or maybe his goodness is felt by the coming of Easter, by the preparations for Holy Week and the sense that your own heart is preparing to focus on the death and resurrection of Christ.

Or maybe it is simply God, moving yet again in his own goodness, reminding me of who He is and why it is easier to get out of bed when I am thinking of His goodness. 

Here's to sunny days and a season of Lent and a song in our heart, each reminding us that the journey asks so much  but the One who leads can only be good. 

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Uncle J said...

Thought the song was going to be Tom Duckett!