on the lighter side

I've been angsty, as you may have noticed. And I've had some good reasons (and maybe a few not-so-good reasons). But here's a few things for some sunny Friday reading. 

Tessa with her cousin, Addie
"Cousins are like celebrities for little kids. If little kids had a People magazine, then cousins would be on the cover. "
- Jim Gaffigan

Ballet pics. Just because. 

I found this table at the thrift store, brought it home, and painted it blue. An Awesome blue, mind you. Then I brought it inside and realized that Awesome blue and Living Room blue were not friends. They didn't get along. They weren't even civil to each other. 

So I went back to the store and got a can of paint called Blank Canvas. I literally looked at the name of it and thought, "Yep. Blank Canvas. Is there anything so inspirational or peaceful as a blank canvas? Love it." Bought it. 

I began to paint again and the color was looking a bit peachy. And then I started to hate myself and say, "Becky, what kind of person buys a can of paint because they like the name of the color? Seriously. That's like marrying someone because you like their name. Ridiculous." I mumbled, moaned, grumbled, and did a second coat.

And it turned out great. Phew. Knew I could trust my gut on that. 

And then I was walking by the paint the other day, and picked out five paint swatches based solely on their name...

Eagle's Mark, Afternoon Nap, Meteor Dust, Ancient Labyrinth, and Queen Anne
...and I liked them all. So maybe there is something to this name business, no?

Two things we love about summer: 

Summer reading club and super neighbor hang time. 

And now a few links for you...

Well, that's it for this Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend, folks!


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I wonder, if I painted a few rooms in Afternoon Nap, if that means I'd get one...? :) Your ballet pics are gorgeous, by the way.

Teresa said...

So funny - I wasn't even through reading the Hatmaker suggestion when I realized it was on facebook and got sad. Then I read the rest of the statement and got happy again :)

Thanks for thinking of me!

See you tomorrow ...