road trip rambles

For the last few summers, the kids and I have made a yearly trek out to Colorado to participate in Kids camp, an annual event at Ponderosa. This year's trip seemed to come on the end of a string of weeks that left me tired and a little bit breathless and just plain 'ol foggy. 

But still we packed and planned and headed out. And I'm so glad we did. 

One of the (many) myths I fight in my head is this idea that my life should be effortless, that I should always feel up to whatever faces me each morning. But reality is I don't have to feel up to it- I just have to step up to it. There's a big difference. 

And in the stepping up to it, many things are gained. The chance to walk by faith. The chance to receive help from others. The opportunity for my kids to see me live out of my own brokenness. Why do I hide that from them when instead I could invite them into it?

Sometimes a change of scenery is just what I need to remind me that there is life outside my piled up kitchen. 

And now we're home, with road trip fatigue and happy hearts, settling back into that piled up kitchen that somehow piled up more while I was away. But it is so sweet, this life we live together, these trips we take that are the good 'ol days happening in real time, these snapshots in their childhood that will be the best of memories. 

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Ruth said...

Love the pictures! What memories you are creating!