snapshots of summer

I love this picture right here. I try to remind myself often that this view won't always be here, that these two won't always sit touching shoulders, that their crazy little girl hair won't always be crazy-little-girl-hair. 

Something about the last few days has me all Carpe Diem-ish. Maybe it's the 4th of July. Maybe it's the renewed energy that comes from not travelling for a few weeks. Or maybe it's just a timely reminder that these are the good old days, and that they are indeed good. Here's a few snapshots of our summer so far. 

Ella at Reptile Gardens, having a Jungle Book moment

Drew and the SD blue sky

Isaac and his rubber band gun

Cowgirl Tessa

We spent a long weekend in South Dakota and, as always, I left with the impression of how beautiful it is there. Seriously. I mean, really beautiful. Look at the sky in those pictures. Lovely.

In other news, the neighbors built a chicken coop. And when you tear down the fence between yards and declare it all to be one yard (as we did two years ago), this means we have chickens. The kids love it. 

In other other news, the tarantula molted. I realize that most of you don't want to hear about the tarantula, don't want to think about the fact that these creatures actually inhabit the earth and people willingly place them to live in their living room. 

There was a twelve hour period where this crazy creature was actually laying on it's back, those nasty hairy legs all stuck up in the air. We were pretty sure it was dead, and something inside me was happy at this idea. (When we ordered it on the internet, it was tiny and the website said that the odds of normal people keeping a spider alive from that size was not good. Meaning we- who can keep nothing alive besides our children who are very hearty- should not be able to sustain a delicate spiderling. But alas, three years later and it is the size of my palm. Not that I know that for sure as we DO NOT hold it. Ugh.) 

Anyways, I was almost happy about this development except that a certain gangly nine year old was crushed by the idea that his spider might be dead. He (the nine year old) sighed a lot, and swallowed before he talked, and then he yelled with excitement when it turned out the tarantula was shedding its skin and not dying. And I felt relieved, and sure that motherhood does crazy things to a person when you are glad that the tarantula lives on. 

Because an awesome summer updo is no laughing matter

This picture of Ella is funny to me because we are at the splash park and she has on a necklace. It is as if her life's goal is to accessorize at all times. Me, being more of a minimalist and not liking to keep track of everyone's stuff when we are on outings, tend to discourage the bringing of stuff with us. However, all I need do is yell "Get your shoes on!" and this sassy lady is filling a purse. And when I say filling, I mean filling.  

Where did my baby go???

And this lady will be three in three weeks. Three years old, folks. 

And what more shall I say? I've got a post sorta written about our latest reads, a post kind of brewing about the brutality of submitting your book to agents so that they can send you rejection letters, and a post I want to write about homeschool hope. So maybe those will happen.

Or maybe not. Either way, thanks for stopping in. Hope your summer is lazy and lingering and leaving you full. 


Tawnya said...

Loved this, love your pictures and reflections. The good old days indeed:)

Veronica said...

Love this so much!

rachel said...

I too am feeling the reality that my kids aren't really "littles" anymore. But I greet that fact with a warm smile - they can all get on the bus by themselves, hold their bladders the entire way to our destination, and expertly navigate any rainy-season-puddles they encounter. And recently we've been reading aloud during bus rides (makes it go sooo much faster!) and they all sit and listen. This.is.amazing. =) Speaking of reading, have you and your people read The Wingfeather Saga? We have LOVED it. Full of bravery, secrets, kindness and lots of adventure. Yes, this JA Fiction is now one of MY favorite books. Always love your updates.

And I love that you tore down your fence. That just feels so symbolic. =)

Ruth said...

Great pictures! Sweet memories!

Keri Misawa said...

Love your photos!