so much and so little to say

Been quiet around these parts, not this house in particular but this blog for sure. Sometimes it gets to be so long between posts that I get kind of rusty, the writing muscles cramping up a bit and everything settling into a non-writing state of being. But then I think, "Sheesh, I miss writing" and I start to make a list of things I could write about except that list doesn't seem to gain much momentum. I think writing, like a lot of disciplines and rhythms of life, is just something you have to do to get back into it. 

So here we are, Thursday night crowd, firing up the 'ol blog and trying to think of something to say. 

I could say that we're back in school and that it is an exhausting reality. But you probably know that. 

I could say that we're painting a room, the smell of drying paint is settling through the house as I type, and that once again the name of a paint color wooed me. Sail Cloth. What's not to love about Sail Cloth? It's looking good so far. 

I could say that we finished the Mistborn trilogy (finally!) and we started the Mazerunner series. 

I could say we've had visitors over the last month. We heart visitors. 

Harper and Tessa

And here's some pictures that can talk for themselves. 

Hubby's birthday = Maple Bacon Cupcake
Once again, our kindergartner lost the first tooth. And once again, the tooth fairy forgot. Sheesh.
Movie theater remodel: RECLINERS!!!!

In other news, the fourth born potty trained herself (yes, that's pretty much how it happened) and there was great rejoicing. 

And in the thick of all that, our friend moved out and a new person is moving in and Isaac is getting a pet and a chicken is missing and summer slipped away and the first walnut fell and the tomatoes didn't take this year and we discovered Thai coconut curry and two agents requested my manuscript and I have six rejection letters from agents who apparently felt differently and my husband is still making me laugh and the kids are still crazy sweet and crazy crazy in the blink of an eye and I have a serious crush on Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and football season is upon us and Tess is starting ballet and I'm tired of being tired and the sun comes up again and again and again. 

So here we are. Still here. Still we. It feels like there should be more things to say, the kind of deep and moving things to say. But tonight there's just the smell of paint and an attempt to catch you up and a hope that these writing muscles will warm up a little and the words may come a bit more often, a bit less forced. 

Thanks for reading, for hanging around in the silence. I hope your story is making sense, or at least making laughter or making joy or making the Father's heart happy. 

Catch ya later. 

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Keri said...

Oh Becky, even when you have "nothing to say" you still say it so beautifully. I can smell the paint drying in your house, feel the angst of having a missing chicken, relate to that forgetful tooth fairy, and see the season changing as the first walnut falls.

I'm in my own giant rut of not writing. It comes every few months and this time it seems harder than ever to get back to it. Something about it feels impossible right now.

Thanks, as always, for sharing!