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I've written so little about our homeschool year. Let's face it, I've written practically nothing in months so the absence of homeschool happenings is on par with the rest of the blog.  But that's neither here nor there (well, technically, I guess it is here but whatever). 

So here's a brief update on our fall:

We started school. 

Drew's fourth grade workload is feeling heavy (for both of us). It's such a challenge to find that line of pushing your child but not breaking them; asking hard things but not impossible things. We're dancing on that line... (tripping on that line? hanging ourselves on that line???)

Ella is rocking kindergarten.  A couple bumps along the way, but mostly she is a very enthusiastic student. She prefers to determine her own workload- which is working out OK since she actually does a lot more than I would ask of her. So she's way ahead on her school year (a first for us!)

 I-man is in second grade, just on the brink of really being a reader.  He has a love/hate relationship with school, so we have our days, oh yes we do. But he's growing so much and brings an energy to everything he does. 

Tessa is a preschooler, currently mastering skills of puzzles, identifying letters, cutting, coloring in her siblings' workbooks, and needing a snack every twenty minutes.  Oh, and potty training? Check!

So that's school for us. 

Homeschooling is a tricky dance between striving for your ideals and making peace with your reality. The reality has been harder for me this fall, but I'm finding some peace along the way and thanking the Lord for the sweet nature of my kiddos. They have been so patient and gracious in the midst of the craziness. 

What craziness?

Well, we've experienced a lot of personal loss, so there have been several funerals, road trips, and a lot of talking about eternity. Not a bad thing to talk about with kids, but a heavy thing to have as a theme for your fall. 

Other events include house guests, tutoring in our homeschool community, flag football Saturdays, and the every day hustle and bustle of life with four...soon to be five. 

Yep, that minor detail has been quite the detour to our fall, with me battling morning sickness (which strangely is the worst in the evening and through the night...?), decreased energy level, and that feeling like everything in your life stinks. Literally stinks. The bathroom, the fridge, the car, the closet- every smell is overpowering and prone to cause the gag reflex.  But through it all, the kids have been troopers, Garrett has been a rockstar, and we're at week 14 in the pregnancy. Here's to hoping the nausea is on its way out soon. 

In other news...

We no longer have cats. Long story.

One chicken (out of fifteen) has begun to lay eggs. Should that be cause for celebration or butchering?

Knock-knock jokes are all the rage at our place. 

Our kids love fish sticks. Who knew. 

The tomatoes never turned out, but the walnut harvest was strong as usual.

It's cold, the air is crisp, and yet my children still cannot understand why I insist they wear pants and shoes to play in the yard. SO unfair. 

Thanksgiving is a few weeks away. Christmas hiding around the corner. And 2015 right on its heels. Where did the year go?

Hope you and yours are enjoying fall, savoring the season and cherishing the people that make is worth savoring. Thanks for stopping by and I'll catch you later. 

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Teresa said...

I too was shocked to learn that my children loved fishsticks ... Funny, isn't it?

Thanks for the updates! Hoping that your Evening Sickness ebbs away soon.