a post for a Friday

Hey there, folks. 

We're still hanging out and waiting for baby. The last few weeks have been good- wrapping up our Classical Conversations school year, finishing up baby stuff, tying up loose ends, and enjoying the sunshiny days. The kids seem to be growing exponentially; not sure if that's because of the size of their clothes compared to newborn onesies or how independent they've become as they go about their days. But they are such a treat. 

Here's some shots of the last few days. 

Tess and I-man on the slide
38 weeks...and counting

This girl lives life in HD. All the time. 

Countdown on the fridge- as of last Tuesday

Quite possibly my favorite photo ever. 

And my second favorite photo ever. Or maybe that's just the pregnancy talking.
But I do love these cinnamon rolls. For real.

So there you have it. Baby will arrive (via c-section) on May 1, if nothing stirs before then.  Until then, we're laying low and it's business as usual, I guess. 

In other news, the chickens are laying eggs. This is an event, as I had begun to refer to them as "decorative chickens", seeing as they had so little use for actually laying eggs. But we are up to five eggs a day. Not perfect- but progress. And the way our Ella girl celebrates every single one of those eggs, you would think they were laying golden eggs. Or diamond eggs. Or Cadbury Creme eggs (get me some of THOSE chickens!) So it is all quite eventful. 

In other, other news, I am 38 weeks pregnant and not swelling. This is a miracle.

Garrett and I are watching Parks and Rec. Yes- we are late to that party but enjoying it none the less. In the last few weeks we've also watched The Imitation Game and The Judge- both worth the watch as far as movies are concerned. I'm reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, enjoying it but moving through it slow. 

I feel like I should say more- more about savoring the last days of just the four kiddos. More about Easter and the great act of waiting and all the odds and ends that make our days happen and the funny things the kids have said lately (minus all the "mom is getting so fat" comments). But right now, in the quiet of the house and the hour turning almost eleven and the steady contractions that like to join me at night, it kind of all seems like a bit much to tell you. 

So just know that we're here and we're doing our best to wait with grace and love with action and laugh at the days to come. 

Just know that Jesus is good to us, so very good to us in the midst of this life. 

Know that we're living our normal rhythm of whining and tears and giggles and laundry- oh the laundry!- and it's all a blessing in some way or another. 

Happy Friday, friends. 

Catch you later. 

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Tawnya said...

Loved to hear your update. You have been coming to mind more often the past week...probably because I'm anticipating hearing of your little man's arrival. I have been praying for you - safety and strength for the delivery and transition to five!