week one

Tomorrow the baby will be one week old. 

We've been home a few days, settled a few days, laying low and just surviving a few days. The kids have been enjoying the baby and having dad home and the feel of all of us here. All seven of us. We're all here. 

Including this guy...

Silas William
It feels like there's a lot I could tell you- birth details, early baby days, funny things the kids have said (though the three year old asking every day if there's another baby in mom's big tummy is getting less funny every day, I'm not gonna lie). Isaac declared on Wednesday that he's ready for the next baby. Ella says well of course that baby is cute- it looks just like her. Drew is employing his sense of humor to come up with multiple nicknames for the baby (my personal favorites are SiFi and  Si-lent but deadly.) And my tired husband is taking care of all of us with so much patience and grace. 

I find myself riding the ups and downs that is the postpartum life. I'm thrilled to be home, to be safe, to be all together. And then in the next moment it's all so much. I know this is normal and that it's my new normal for awhile, but the ride can leave us all a bit exhausted. 

But here we are, exploring our new normal and getting to know the newest addition and stretching our rhythms to find what this new rhythm will be for us. Thanks for your thoughts and kind words and prayers on our behalf. 

Have a great Friday- more from us soon. 


rachelc said...

what happy news and wonderful pictures! So thrilled to hear that baby Silas is here and safe! Love that the kids are welcoming him so beautifully and garrett is taking good care of the crew. Hang in there, sweet friend; there is grace for your days. =) love you!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Hi Becky! I popped over to see what you've been up to, and you've been up to a LOT! :) I hope you and your family are settling into a "new normal" with a newborn. Eighteen months after having one, I feel like we've yet to find that balance some days! ;) Praying for you tonight...